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Here is your private membership area - update your account settings, pay an invoice, review your records of case history or orders placed and more. Periodically we'll be adding more content that would be specifically helpful to our customers.

Starting with basic contact forms to surveys, database forms, donations and newsletter signups – Your new online business website has a powerful web form builder that helps you deploy secure form content for just about anythink imaginable.

Your new online business includes all the standard modules business websites would need. However when you’re working on a project that’s a little more custom or complicated then it’s possible to build your own apps and deploy them to your site.

Membership subscription websites are costly to develop in most systems. However your new site includes powerful online membership features that open up the world of possibilities, especially when you team it up with Events, eCommerce or Webapps.

On successful payment your member customers set their own login and password and are granted access to unique secure zones. Any content in your site can be configured to sit behind secure zones. If a customers recurring payment fails for any reason access is automatically revoked and the member is notified of the failed payment by email.

Your new website includes a whole suite of powerful built in modules that covers most website projects. When requirements are custom we turn to custom webapps to achieve the functionality. No more dealing with nasty 3rd party plugins, it’s all native to your platform, which means it’s supported.