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What is IoT – In a nut-shell it’s about network-connecting any computing device, gadget, appliance, mechanism or instrument to the Internet. Applications for an online business would be: smart phones, office desktops, network server devices, the company website, company website database systems, website back-end data of customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS), inner-office whole database...

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A content management system or CMS is a software platform that facilitates the creating, editing, organizing, and publishing of website content. There are many Content Management Systems available, that allow you to create and publish your information on the web. Revising content is the most important part of...

Fire Engine Red Marketing - Online"> Red Fire Engine

Do you feel alarmed about the future of your business? Are you thinking you need some fire-engine-red-marketing? Marketing that makes people feel awed, to step aside, or get out of the way, as your message rings home. Has your business been retrofitted; rewired for today’s online e commerce success? Your...

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PICKLES IN THE SMOKE HOUSE – What’s your favorite food smell? Ahhh! The nasal nostalgia of smoked bacon, cured hams, and downtown restaurants grilling their tender delectables. These aromas trigger powerful childhood memories of certain events I remember.  My grandfather owned a butcher...

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