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Sailing With The Power Of Internet Marketing

William Noel - Thursday, July 04, 2019

ALBATROSS – TALES FROM KAUAI – I now belong to a higher cult of mortals, for I have seen the Albatross!" Quoted from, American ornithologist Robert Cushman Murphy, 1912. Great size is the first noticed feature of the albatross. Another lasting impression from my 12 years living in Kauai Hawaii, is watching these huge seabirds glide and sail along the wind effortlessly. Living near the Princeville bluff, we often hiked along the cliffs edge - a perfect landing area for these graceful angels of the sea. Magnificent beyond the span of words the albatross is amazing to witness up close. Often during mating season, they would wobble up into our yard and sit around together cooing and kissing. On land, they are the most comical walking as though wearing big snorkel fins, yet the most exquisite when soaring on the wind as dynamic gliders.

CROSSING THE OCEAN FOR BREAKFAST – Ancient symbolism of the albatross represents graceful beauty and enduring power. Albatross are sea gliders and masters of navigation; their exquisite body can soar hundreds of miles a day without flapping. Having narrow wings as long as 11 feet tip-to-tip they can travel effortlessly for great distances at sea. Dynamically gliding they use wind power; continuously flying while burning up very little energy. With wings locked fully open like a switchblade, the albatross merely pilots the glider it inhabits. They seem like sailboats in the sky, catching the crosswinds and tacking upward with the push of the wind then plunging downward harnessing gravity for their long undulations.

ONE EGG – Having a lifespan of 60 years plus, the albatross can cover several million miles in a lifetime. Landing only for mating, the pair will stay together in their nest of one egg each breading season. Love birds – heroically faithful – they will sit together on their nest for long periods of time preening and cooing, until one heaves off to take a turn at foraging.

THE CONCEPT - Resembling dynamic gliding, your business brand heaves off and travels the long distance. You are gliding and sailing effortlessly with the power of the Internet marketplace. That’s where you want to be, soaring as merely the pilot who inhabits the enterprise you’ve built online. Your most urgent cause must be future-proofing your company with dynamic online activity. It involves content that tells your unique entrepreneurial story. That is what customers love to believe in.